Geektime Techfest June 09th,2022
Agenda 2022

Door Openning & Networking
Openning Words
  • Open Keynote
    Rony Friedman (Apple)
    Product innovations: empowering people and change
    Rony Friedman is Vice President at Apple, managing the company’s research and development centers in Israel. Prior to his current position, Friedman served as Intel's vice president and general manager of its Integrated IP and Technology Group, including operations involving imaging, machine learning, security, audio co-processors, analog IPs and more. Rony completed his studies in computer engineering at Haifa’s Technion Israel Institute of Technology in 1984.
Coffee Break
  • Self Dev
    Amit Bekker Carmeli (General Motors)
    Developers Call To Action - I’m a developer, why & how UX ?!
    +6 years experience working as a web developer. Started from Front End, expanded my knowledge to Back End as well, was a tech lead, and in my current position I am a Senior Full Stack with an emphasis on Front End, which is my favorite “end” :) BSc in Computer Science, Master in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In my work at General Motors I was in the connected customer & mobility solutions group where we develop interfaces & solutions for electric vehicle owners, and today I am in the Software Defined Vehicle group, concentrating on developing tools for debugging the autonomous vehicle. I take the User Centered Design approach, bringing creativity and value to the product I am working on.
  • In scale
    Alex Volchok (SAP)
    Dani Mantel (SAP)
    What is desired state repository and how you can develop it yourself
  • Front and back
    Mati Horowitz (Elementor)
    Web CLI - The frontend needs a terminal!
    I'm an innovation-oriented software engineer, leading and building a team of full-stack superstars. My main strength is out-of-the-box thinking, bringing new ideas and tech inventions into living products and features. I live and breathe the internet, software architecture and user experience challenges over 12 years. In my free time I'm always writing either code or social posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Making a manager
    Aviv Ben-Yosef (Aviv Ben-Yosef Consulting)
    Tech Capital: Moving from Managing Debt to Creating Assets
    Aviv Ben-Yosef is an advisor and coach for executives and leaders throughout the tech industry. In his consulting business, he helps companies worldwide, ranging from day-old startups to Fortune 100 companies. He helps his clients forge teams and cultures they are proud of leading. Aviv’s mission is to help create world-class engineering teams that achieve the unthinkable by upgrading tech from a tool to part of the strategy, amassing Tech Capital, and creating Coders without Borders. Aviv’s online writing has reached over six million readers, and his publishing includes multiple blogs, podcasts, videos, and online courses. He is the author of The Tech Executive Operating System, a book for first-timers and veteran tech leaders who seek to maximize their leverage. He was inducted into the Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame in 2021.
  • Future of Things
    Aminadav Glickshtein (Google Developer Expert (GDE))
    Into the future: Real use-cases for NFTs and how it will actually improve our lives
    Let's have a quick review and form a common ground on Full-Stack technologies such as Frontend Frameworks, State Management and frontend Architectures. OOP and functional-reactive, Design Patterns, Multi threading and Type safety Backends, REST, GraphQL, Websockets and SSE, SQL, NoSQL, graph DBs and Realtime DBs Micro services and Data ownership, Queues and PubSubs, Single Sign On, Gateway and Serverless
  • Self Dev
    Daniel Nuriel (Connecteam)
    Things I wish I knew before becoming a Co-founder and CTO
  • In scale
    Asaf David (Artlist)
    Incremental refactor of a high-scale application
    A combination of 15 years of experience in various managing positions in the food & beverages industry along with some 8 years of software development has brought Asaf to become an R&D group manager at Artlist, leading some of Artlist’s most amazing products such as, and more
  • Front and back
    Shai Almog (Lightrun)
    Logging Best Practices for Scale, Performance and Maintenance
    He’s a JavaOne rockstar that has been developing software professionally for ~30 years, a published author, an open-source contributor, an experienced trainer, and a public speaker. He picked up Java's first public beta when it was originally released, and later on moved to VM porting/authoring/internals and development tools including a 12 year period at Sun/Oracle.
  • Making a manager
    Yohai Rosen (clubSRC)
    "The Remote Gene" - How to Identify a Great *Remote* Engineer
    A software entrepreneur with over 16yrs experience in software & product. Founder of clubSRC, a platform that helps companies hire vetted remote engineers. Yohai has vast experience managing remote teams and he provided CTO services for various companies in the tech industry. He is also involved in education, mentoring and teaching code. Yohai is a partner of Geektime and helped create the Code conf
  • Future of Things
    Oren Forkosh (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    Using AI to better understand animals and people
  • Self Dev
    Mey Beisaron (Forter)
    Back to the Future: How 80s Arcade Games Taught me Clojure
    Mey is a Software Engineer, a Public speaker and a Mentor. When she is not spending her weekends coding games or speaking at tech conferences, she experiments with algorithms or playing Super Mario Bros. in Nintendo Switch. As she recently joined the Infrastructure forces at Forter, Clojure is not her main development language anymore, but it will forever be her favorite one. Mey is a sworn star wars fan. May the force be with you.
  • In scale
    Yifat Mayron Hophy (Qwilt)
    Ron Ben-Chen (Qwilt)
    Securing & Powering up 25B connected devices and 8K OTT services
  • Front and back
    Danny Haelion (Amdocs)
    is HTTP the best protocol for internal service to service communication?
    • I have been dealing with software for the last 30 years • Started when I was 13 and never stopped • I have been doing every development role in the software developer stream starting from first year university student developer till Chief architect of a large organization • I am the chief architect of the group that is responsible for digital products (Commerce & Care solutions including FE and BE) at Amdocs Technologies (Amdocs’s R&D group) • Responsible for all architecture aspects (technical & functional) including development engineering practices of my group • The group includes ~900 developers at all levels and about 40 Software and solution architects • Suite of product under my responsibility includes ~270 microservices
  • Making a manager
    Dennis Nerush (HiredScore)
    Finding Your Team's North Star
    Dennis Nerush is an R&D Director at HiredScore, where we are determined on making hiring efficient and fair by using deep data integrations and AI. He is passionate about complex technological challenges, resilience, product development, culture, and people growth. Dennis has over 12 years of experience in multiple roles as a developer, manager, and director. He is constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize team performance along with people’s personal growth. You can read more in his blog or follow him on Twitter
  • Future of Things
    Guy Tamir (Intel)
    oneAPI: Software for the future. Today
    Guy Tamir is a technology evangelist at Intel Software and Advanced Technology group. Bringing years of experience in hardware and software design, his main areas of interest and expertise are AI, Computer vision, Video processing, and Heterogeneous, parallel computing. He is an active YouTuber, with the OpenVINO and oneAPI youTube channels. Guy was the product manager of OpenVINO and held various positions leading engineering teams to design Intel Core products. Guy holds an M.Sc in computer engineering from the Technicon, Israel, and an MBA.
  • Self Dev
    Nir Sagiv (Applied Materials)
    Innovation from within | bringing startup mindset into our day to day
    A multiple discipline ordinary man. With more then 20 years of work expirience in multiple domains, from SW development, to product and marketing. Working with various companies and domain - always around the same challnages, scaling and innovation, from technical, strcuture, community and personal aspects.
  • In scale
    Bari Arviv (Seagate)
    Why Golang? Advantages & compare to other languages
    Bari is the first developer in Seagate Israel and part of the Lyve Cloud Solutions & Services team. She has a strong technological background in Software Engineering, is skilled in backend development, Go, Python, and Kubernetes, is enthusiastic about AI and ML, and is also a part of the Israeli Go developers community.
  • Front and back
    Zohar Arad (Quicklizard Ltd.)
    Clean architecture for Go
    Full-stack developer with over 15 years of experience in Web technologies & architecture, and a passion for frameworks and databases. When he's not looking for the next stack to explore, he enjoys riding a motorcycle and playing the bass.
  • Making a manager
    Mor Aisenberg (Semperis)
    Becoming a manager
  • Future of Things
    Moran Sorka (Cognyte)
    Pair programming with a Robot -A software that writes itself
    Moran is a Lead Data Scientist at Cognyte research group where she focuses on accelerating machine learning in Cognyte’s investigative analytics products. Moran’s group leads all innovation efforts, serving a diverse set of company needs including research, product development, sales, and company growth. Her team currently manages key infrastructure and algorithmic components from Vision and NLP efforts to machine learning solutions for intelligence platforms. Prior to joining Cognyte, Moran worked for the Prime Minister's Office where she was responsible for the development of machine learning systems for high-scale data validation to assist the analysts. She has also worked at AT&T, developing a power optimization system for cooling systems in data centers.
  • Self Dev
    Roi Ronn (Hello Heart)
    "Entering the Zone" - on time, every time
  • In scale
    Liran Haimovitch (Rookout)
    Effective Protobuf: What we learned building a high-performance production debugger
    Liran is the Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout. He’s an Observability and Instrumentation expert with a deep understanding of Java, Python, Node, and C++. Liran has broad experience in cybersecurity and compliance from his past roles. When not coding, you can find Liran hosting his podcast, speaking at conferences, writing about his tech adventures, and trying out the local cuisine when traveling.
  • Front and back
    Omer Morad (Balance)
    Software testing, especially unit testing in a TypeScript world
    I am a backend developer, specializing in Node/TypeScript ecosystem, in a distributed systems world. In my free time, I do a lot of open-source, and I can't leave my acoustic guitar. I always say that technology is like music to my ears, and there is no business problem that music has not solved yet.
  • Making a manager
    Avraham Poupko (Forescout)
    Practical Implications of Conway's Law
    Avraham is head of Product Security at Forescout. He also researches and teaches theory of software development. He is currently studying, writing and teaching on the complex relationships between the organizations that create software and the software they create.
  • Future of Things
    Amit Svarzenberg (Microsoft )
    The Future of Game Development - Xbox, Metaverse, openAI and why should startups care?
Lunch Break
  • Self Dev
    Noa Goldman (Rookout)
    How is "works on my machine" still a thing in 2022?
    Noa is Rookout’s Product Manager. Having been a developer for eight years, her goal in life now is to take complicated technology and products and simplify it to the point that anyone can understand and use it. In her free time, you can find her training at her local CrossFit gym, giving a talk at a conference, or eating a bowl of raw cookie dough.
  • In scale
    Shaul Zuarets (Facebook (Meta))
    Real-life backend performance improvements for SaaS
    Shaul has been a software developer and leader for the past *15 years, currently working at Meta (formerly Facebook) prior to Meta, worked @, Founder & CEO of Smartag (acquired). He specializes in backend development, high-scale web environments, microservices and backend architecture.
  • Front and back
    Dvir Arad (Verbit)
    Micro service with NestJS
    I enjoy learning, creating, and solving problems. Experienced in the design and development of BigData information systems in the fields of data discovery, data analytics, and privacy protection. As a hobby, I write and publish a children's book about environmental issues and recycling.
  • Making a manager
    Ido Weiss (Riskified)
    Irrational Data Driven Decisions
    Ido is a Director of R&D at Riskified, leading the Customer Trust group. He has been a software person for many years, mainly on the backend side, building and leading dev and research teams. Before that, Ido worked at various technology companies such as Kenshoo, Cisco, and much smaller companies. He is passionate about building beautiful and useful systems, people and making impactful products. Ido is an off-hours Jazz Pianist and takes a deep interest in decoding what makes us tick as carbon-based sentient beings.
  • Future of Things
    Ali Ayoub (NVIDIA)
    Paving the way to Virtual Worlds, Machine Learning and AI with the Holy Trinity
    Ali is a Senior Director of Software Engineering at NVIDIA and Co-Founder of HAAT DELIVERY LTD. Ali held several senior engineering-related positions at Google and ex-Mellanox in California Bay Area in the Cloud domain. He holds few patents and publications in this field, and was selected by Globes magazine as 40-under-40 for the year 2022. At NVIDIA, he leads the development of NVIDIA DOCA - the software stack for NVIDIA's DPU chip, and manages dozens of software engineers.
  • Self Dev
    Gabriel Beyo (Imperva)
    Developers v2.0, mind the business! How adopting a Business-Centric mindset will make you a better programmer
    Gabi is the Director Engineering of the Innovation Office at Imperva, a leading player in the Cyber Security industry. He leads a team that maximizes the potential of Imperva’s technologies by inventing, realizing and delivering complex solutions that amplify the value of Imperva’s products. Gabi brings more than 15 years of software hands-on experience after working for small companies, enterprises, and startups. Gabi started his current journey in Imperva in the Data Security division, after being promoted to Principal Engineer he led the ‘DataSecurity Accelerator’, an initiative intended to explore and develop new ways to protect customers’ data from cloud threats. Gabi holds a BA in Philosophy and History from the Open University of Israel
  • In scale
    Tohar Braun (Orca Security)
    Cloud Security Best Practices
    Tohar Braun is a Cloud Threat Researcher at Orca Security. During his career, he has helped bring cybercriminals to justice, stopped ransomware from extorting innocents, and unveiled numerous security issues for high-profile companies. He is passionate about helping businesses secure their cloud assets, taking malware apart, and getting shells where they shouldn't be. Tohar is an avid gamer, trained chef, and on a quest to become a one man metal band.
  • Front and back
    Denis Sicun (kaltura)
    The evolution of kaltura’s core WebRTC Architecture
    I’ve being leading the core RTC team at Kaltura/newrow for the last 3.5 years. My team is responsible for the core real-time communication infrastructure at Kaltura which supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. I started working at newrow 4.5 years ago as a full stack developer. Before that I was a developer and a dev team lead at the IDF for 6.5 years.
  • Making a manager
    Yonatan Nuriel (Connecteam)
    Why good developers don’t need a product manager
    Yonatan is Co-founder and VP R&D at Connecteam where he manages the product dev team. Yonatan had always had a passion for technology and creating great products. he previously founded 2 other startups and prior to that worked at Intel. Yonatan has a Bsc in computer science and MBA from The Hebrew University. Yonatan lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and 1 year old daughter.
  • Future of Things
    Erez Ben Yaacov (General Motors)
    Challenges in detection for autonomous driving
    Erez leads the object detection and tracking group at General Motors Israel Technical Center. The group is part of Ultra Cruise Perception, developing perception stack for GM future products. Erez received his B.Sc in EE (with honors) from Tel Aviv University and his M.Sc in EE (with honors) from the Technion. Erez has been developing deep learning solutions for autonomous since 2017.
  • Self Dev
    Danna Nave (she codes;)
    Beyond the spaghetti code - how to hack your mind
    Danna Nave is a Consciousness Developer. For the past 15 years she has been exploring the human consciousness and helps people to gain a new perspective about their lives through lectures, counseling and mentoring. For the past decade Danna worked at a software company, as a Director of HR and Operations and was part of the Management team. Danna "translated" issues of awareness and management soft skills into a language suitable for developers.
  • In scale
    Amir Barak (DriveNets)
    Idan Matityahu (DriveNets)
    Highly-available services in an ever-growing distributed router
  • Front and back
    Shay Davidson (Lemonade)
    Board Games Frontend Joyride
    I am a web, mobile and hobbyist game developer. I started developing games since I was a teenager and was always passionate about that domain. I made my first bucks developing Flash games as I was studying computer science, and from there I took a job as a full stack developer at eBay and later as a frontend and mobile lead at PayPal. Currently I lead the frontend in Lemonade as a principal engineer. I have a passion for creating awesome user interactions, animations and visual effects, often using CSS only to achieve these and pushing the tech to the limit.
  • Making a manager
    Dvir Libhaber (NVIDIA)
    Developing People – The Art of Leading Software Development Teams
    Dvir Libhaber is a Sr. Director of Software Systems at NVIDIA Israel. Dvir hold a BSC from in Communication Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University, and he started his career at Elbit as a software engineer. He also holds an MBA in Technology-Companies Management, and since 2010 he works at NVIDIA (ex-Mellanox) as a software manager in a variety of positions, leading operating-systems development. He manages five different dev-groups at NVIDIA Israel, with dozens of engineers.
  • Future of Things
    Adir Ron (Microsoft)
    The Future of Programming: Will AI Replace Software Engineers?
    Adir Ron is the CTO for Microsoft for Startups in Israel. In his role, Adir is responsible for leading the technical startup community in Microsoft, drive innovation at scale across Microsoft R&D and cultivate key partnerships for developers, entrepreneurs, accelerators and the investor community in the region.
Coffee Break
  • Closing Keynote
    Yonathan Levin (
    Real-world Impact with the Power of Programming - How developers can harness technology to make a difference
    Yonatan Levin is in love with tech and its application in the world. A startup person at heart, he spent his decade + career as a founder and at startups building products from 0 to 1. At, he built out the mobile team into the strong department it is today, and is a part of the Apps team, enabling developers worldwide to build applications on top of Yonatan is also the founder of the largest Android community in the world "Android Academy" sharing the knowledge needed to become an Android developer.
Goodbye Words & Raffle Winners
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