Geektime Techfest June 05th 2019, Kfar Maccabiah
Join us at the leading developers conference in Israel
June 05th 2019, Kfar Maccabiah
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Focused on learning, inspiration and networking, Geektime Code 2019 is a developers conference for developers. Join over 1,000 of the most talented developers, architects and inspiring speakers for cutting edge sessions on the latest technologies, platforms, services and trends. Whether you are a full stack developer, solutions architect, CTO or even just looking your way into coding, this is an event you can’t afford to miss!

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Code conference Tracks

The Geektime Code conference is all about developers. Our conference agenda comprise of multiple sessions, showcasing the latest industry trends and emerging technologies. This year, the event covers three different content tracks:

The Future of Things

The future is here. VR, AR, wearables, AI and Big data are changing the world and the way we communicate with each other, and help us sort the sea of information we are exposed to. Learn more about the companies, services and products that are bridging the gap between technology, the world and us.

Developer Philosophies

Being a developer isn't just about coding. These talks are by developers, for developers, and feature the best lessons for continuous self improvement, lifestyle design and the essential ‘soft’ skills every developer needs to level up!

Full Stack World

The "language barrier" has only just been breached and already the emerging technologies are becoming a standard. Front-end on the backend, backend in mobile and mobile isn't just for phones anymore. We'll share what's hot these days. The technologies, the tools, platforms and the approaches that will help you manage your own stack.

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Past events

A lot has changed in 8 years. Back in 2011, Geektime were celebrating being able to find 300 technology and internet enthusiasts to attend the first ever edition of Geektime Conference.

Now we’re an unmissable fixture in the Israeli tech scene, bringing together a developer's event, for developers. Consisting of 3 tracks of the latest content, 20 game-changing exhibitors and countless opportunities for both developers & partners.

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Join to a respectable list of huge brands that shared our vision among the latest events, Are you constantly looking for mad scientist level talent? Code will gather over 1,000 developers that are passionate about coding and adding the latest technologies to their stack. Partner with us for your chance to meet and recruit the hottest talent in the field.
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